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Why so many resistors?

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    Hello. I wonder if I can take some of these resistors off and make the signal stronger without breaking the rest of the components. Is this possible?

    Also why are the non-trimming capacitors needed?

    I have a picture attached.

    Thank you!

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    Each one of those resistors is doing a job. Do you know why they are there? You could in principle redesign the function so it doesn't need as many resistors, but given that schematic, they are there for a reason.

    Would you ask if you could take off some of the tires of a car and still drive without breaking the rest of the components?
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    Reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from the movie Amadeus.

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    The first transistor and associated resistors make up the pre-amp, so if you decide to pound the microphone with sufficiently high volume, you can try omitting Q1 and it's bias resistances.
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