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News Why Some Nations have Dual Views About Democracy?

  1. Aug 22, 2004 #1
    I don't know why Britain wants democracy everywhere especially in commonwealth countries, since they have got a queen of their own. Is that democracy? The invaded Iraq to free it from a dictator who had his own parliment. The queen has got a parliment shouldn't she be thrown off.
    It says in a newspaper that the queen once arrived in a five star hotel in Durbanwith one meagre piece of baggage but two tons of luggage arrived later and the staff had already been forwarded a six page document, detailing everything from right type of notepaper for her desk to how her bed should be made- sheets and blankets,not duvets, turned down to exactly 9 inchesbelow the eiderdown. Mauve blooms and carnations were royally banished from bouquets:TVs in the bedroom,bloody meat, and spicy food were all ruled out, and she would only drink Malvern mineral water-her own supply.

    Aren't those ways of soveriegn Saddam himself who had ( as far as I know), 11 castle to his name.
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    The queen is basically no more than a figurehead. She has no more political power than any other person who is one of the richest in the world.
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    The Queen can only make suggestions and discuss things with the politicians, but has no power herself. They once calculated what would cost more money to the people, a republic or a monarchy: they don't differ that much :)

    I DO think the royal family should be paying taxes though! :grumpy:
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    England is a parliamentary democracy. The queen is queen in name only. Iraq, on the other hand, was a military dictatorship. The parliament was a parliament in name only.
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    I don't believe the Queen even has the right to vote. Is that right, Brits?
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    Why is the figurehead placed then. I know the real powers lie with the parliment but as far as i know the queen is paid or something. And if she has any other means of earning a living what are those? What's with the showing off by the way? And i think as a british national the queen may have right to vote the candidate she favours.
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    The British just love their tradition, maybe we need a new batch of rebellious bands like the Sex Pistols to express hatred for the Queen and insight a revolution against the royal family.
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    The amount of money paid to the royal famiy falls far short ofthe tourist dollars spend while taking pictures of the palaces, or buying the tabloids with william's latest flind.
    That and it's tradition.
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    We need a new batch of rebellious bands, regardless.
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    I think the Queen acts as a binding factor of the parliament, she has well rooted tradition and mediates in conflicts. She has good knowledge of history and the nation itself. She's an advisor.
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    I think she has as much importance to the government as the hood ornament on my car. (Come to think of it...)
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