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Why somebody born to succeed?

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    Hey guys, I am an undergraduate student and planning to apply for a Ph.D program in Physics. From the previous posts in this forum, all you cares about are top 20 or even top 10. However, what I could possibly think of are some 50 ranking schools. I have been trying to qualify myself in GPA, in standard language proficiency, and everything else. I could not say no effort is spared, but I have really tried. However, all I have achieved after devotions and time, seem so easy for you.

    I don't know whether this relates to fairness, or just education background variation. What I could figure is that if at this time I could barely catch up with others, years later the gap is to be tremendous. I am not here to complain, nor does it gonna help. Friends, I just hope that you could possibly write some details of your life if you have finished or just begun your Ph.d programs in Physics. I would really appreciate it.

    I am still applying, although what would happen after all of these is unknown.
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    Simon Bridge

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    It only seems that way ;) But you are right, it is less difficult for some people for many reasons and some of them are unfair and circumstantial.

    It may well be that you will be happier pursuing a technical career outside academia... just to be in a position to apply for PhD programs is a huge acheivement: you are not a failure and there is life outside of college.
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