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Why specialise?

  1. Aug 26, 2004 #1
    A quick question for all the professionals?

    I'm currently doing a years intership as an extra part of my degree at RAL. Being in a real lab has been making me think more about doing a phD and
    research. However the question is, in what field?

    So heres where you all get to promote your own specialism. What is it> What made you choose to study your field, what is particularly fascinating about it, and why would you suggest it other people?
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    chose what interests you and what you love. Like Mark Twain once said: "If you find a job that you love, you wont have to work a day in your life"
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    That's the problem, of the subjects I've studied thus far nothing grabbed me. I've been interested in things, but not in such a way as I would think I'd want to research it full time. I'll be intrigues by one things now, then another later. I'm sure I want to do science I just don't know which part. The only constant interest has been cosmology, which is too advanced for my meagre brain.
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    how about giving me some info. How old are you?
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    I wouldn't back down on Cosmology. If you made it this far, your brain can certainly handle it.

    You have to start from Chapter 1, just like anything. Don't look too far and then get intimidated by Cosmology.

    I'm not sure if Kip Thorne is still around, but if Cosmology is filled with guys like that, it would be a true bonus.
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    21 which is probably tyoo young too worry about it. But as I said, I'll be doing the final year of my bachelors soon and most people I've spoken too at least have some idea of what sort of science they would like too specialise in. I got nothing. There are bits I like and bits I definitely don't, but nothing that captires my imagination so much that I would want to study its intricacies for years.

    As for cosmology, started looking up some texts on GR and differential geometry. I'm quite lost.

    So what made you choose you're field. What captured you enough to dediacte yourself to its study?
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    You probably get lost when it comes to Cosmology because you are starting with the wrong book.

    I would speak to one of your profs, on what classes/courses or what route should you take to get to the GR/Cosmology level. I'm sure any Physics student would be lost when looking at it, since they probably didn't take courses that lead to it.

    It may hurt to start at Chapter One, especially when you are 2nd/3rd year student, but that's the way it is for anyone. Same goes for that student with a Math degree. If he/she chooses to go into physics(read God's Equation by Amir D. Aczel), he/she has to start at Chapter One. In my mind, that would certainly suck, but of course the Math skills will make it easy, but the reasoning/understanding must be taught from the beginning.

    Personally, I would choose what interests me, rather than choosing something else because I thought/think I couldn't handle my true interest.

    Remember, you can always change. If all of the sudden Astrology just sweeps your mind, go for it, ;)
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