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Why Supernatural

  1. Dec 26, 2004 #1
    Somewhere in this area of the forum , someone asked why do you have to believe in the super-natural -- why not just accept nature.
    That person has never had to confront Nature in it's precise form -
    never been in a Tornado , swept out to sea in a Tsunami -- never buried in an earthquake -- never experienced the 'cold' of space -- the frying heat of the naked sun --- never been alone spinnining at 1rev per millisec in the depths of space -- Nature ???????? IT will squash you in a micrsec why would you so easilly make it your friend -- you think it cares about you?????
    WE believe in something BETTER than this --- because we are puny and not in control -- and in this sense super natural means -- above the Nature we see.
    This is not a matter of religion -- it comes from living in trees and caves , being food for other animals in a literal life and death competition to survive
    except that we are blessed (or cursed ) with imagination and can see that this carnage -- is but one way -- maybe there is better.
    From our view Naturally.
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    UHHHHH???? How can one propose the "Super-Natural" when one does not even understand the "Natural"? It seems quite "naturally" that it is a "super-fluous" conjecture based on fantasy and makes a great sales pitch that appeals to our fear of "nature"!
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    I did not quite say that -- I said transcends the nature that we see -- I put no limits on nature per se. Ray.
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