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Why tails?

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    Try your hand at compiling below a list of distinct uses for that missing kink of homo sapiens sapiens - the tail.
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    1) Makes a good extension for an automobile.
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    You want to know the uses of tails? Okay:
    1) balance, such as squirrels in trees
    2) grasping, such as monkeys in trees holding on
    3) steering, such as certain breeds of sporting dogs (like labrador retrievers) who use their tail as a rudder while swimming
    4) sunblock, as in that's tender skin below the tail that you don't want to get sunburnt!
    5) flyswatter, such as horses
    6) alarm signal, such as for white-tailed deer
    7) warning sign, such as skunks

    That's all I can think of off the top of my head.
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    it makes a wonderful sex toy !

    *aids in reproduction?
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    Math Is Hard

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    Kitty cats get big fluffy tails when engaged in warfare. It makes them look bigger to their opponents.
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    Flat tail of "flying" geckos used for steering in the air mid glide.
    Fish tails used for propeling themselves through the water.
    I forget what the dinosaur with the bone ball tail is called but it must have beat the crap out of predators with that thing. I've also forgotten what the name of the dino with the whip tail is called. I saw a show on it and it was thought that they cracked their tail at twice the speed of sound. I've also forgotten the name of the dinosaur that had a dagger-like bone "knife" on the end of its tail.
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