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Why the Big Bang is WRONG

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    I found an intriguing article (well seemingly intriguing; I didn't get to finish reading it) that argues against the BB:
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    My first impression was "this must have been written some time ago", as there were several references to apparent contradictions that have been resolved for several years now. Indeed, one of the key links on this page is to an article dated 1977 (!); another has references that are predominantly pre-1990 (many classics from the 1920s and 1930s; nothing wrong with that, just that some of the more recent, more accurate observations would have been nice).

    If there's anything specific in this article you'd like to follow up on - after you've done some research yourself (google is a good assistant), just ask.

    Otherwise, file this under 'nice try; pity that it didn't match observations' :tongue:
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