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News Why the hate on George W. Bush?

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    What would you have done if you were the president of the U.S. during 9/11? I remember back when that happened, it was the general consensus of the public that we should go to war; We were afraid of another attack. Heck, if the terrorists did it once for no logical reason, why wouldn't they do it again? We had every right to pursue those involved with terrorism. Bush did the right thing here.

    A lot of people dislike what George has done because they're plain and simple, anti-war. Well folks, war is necessary, it always has been, and always will be(probably).

    Infiltrating Iraq had its pros and cons. Saddam Hussein had ties to the taliban and was suspected of holding weapons of mass destruction, that right there justifies enough for U.N. peacekeepers to infiltrate Iraq. Also, after Saddam Hussein was relieved of duty, we set up a democracy in place of Saddam Hussein's 'government'; This will greatly help the people of Iraq in the future. Although it had great pros including a sense of security(which is good whether or not its justified), it also had some cons including, huge spending, and some lost life. Whether or not Bush did the right thing here is debatable, but it certainly is not a landslide in any way.

    A war with Iran - Should we go to war with Iran? The benefits would be great, but maybe not apparent for the next fifteen years. Once going to happen when oil becomes so expensive that middle-class families can only use cars to get to work and back? Possibly a depression? In the next twenty years the United States will need to make a rash decision regarding oil. I'd say our best option now is to start drilling in Alaska, and let the import prices drop; After they drop we can start importing again, and if they go up, repeat the process. But of course, this idea won't happen due to Animal Rights Activists etc. America needs cheaper oil, and more money for that matter. Taking over Iran's oil production will help both of those needs. If Bush did this, I'd say he did the right thing.

    Some of the new policies Bush has introduced I dislike, and some I like. That goes with most presidents. Bush had some rough situations as president, and for the most part, I agree with what he did, whether or not the consequences of what he did were good or not.

    This topic is specifically about George W. Bush, and the decisions he was forced to make during his presidency. Please don't bring up any other subjects.
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    Please explain.
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    Do you remember the world opinion on him before ? What would you have done before 9/11 ? Would you have given up the Israeli-Palestinian conflict ? The Taba summit proved to be the ever closest we were to get them to agree on the road map for peace. Yasser Arafat expected your administration to keep playing the same role as the previous one. Ehud Barak even sent a letter (February 8, 2001).

    All over Europe, your administration was literally ridiculed in the media. This suddenly ended on the very day of 9/11. This is something one should not forget either when looking back into this administration.

    Whatever you say. He is considered by many to have been far below any other administration before, even lower than we would have imagined.
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    May I had about Irak war : Kofi Annan and Boutros Boutros-Ghali (among others) have called it "illegal". This is indeed the proper term because you knew we French, German, Russian and Chinese would veto is. That makes 3 of the 5 permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, plus Germany who was one of the temporary member at this point. How arrogant of him to show such contempt. How childish... I wish I did not feel like saying "we told you..."
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    Talking about logic, hasn't there been studies showing that US war policy is only motivating more radicals to get involved in terrorism?
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    In speeches I would ask the American people to keep perspective, and remind them that 'the only thing to fear is fear itself.' I would also send covert forces into Afghanistan to capture Bin Laden.

    I also would have dropped support for Israel, since this is, according to the terrorists themselves, the reason that they attacked us.

    They didn't attack us for no reason, if you read the transcript from any of Bin Laden's videos he says that he attacked us because of our support for Israel.

    I agree that Bush did fine in the first few weeks of Afghanistan, except that he said everything possible in his speeches to make Americans afraid. I think much of the rhetoric about how bad the 9/11 tragedy was exaggerated for Bush's political gain, which is wrong because the terrorists only win when we are afraid.

    Just because war in general is a permanent feature of human life does not mean that all wars are necessary. For examples of unnecessary wars, see Vietnam 1965 and Iraq 2003.

    It turned out that the Bush administration used dubious sources and exaggerated the evidence that Saddam was a threat, and exaggerated the evidence that he supported the Taliban, and ignored evidence to the contrary that was presented by the CIA.

    Besides, the UN inspectors had total freedom to search everywhere, and they were making good progress without finding any weapons. Why not wait for the inspectors to finish their job, instead of rushing to war on extremely weak evidence?

    The answer to that is because Bush was already determined to start a war in Iraq before 9/11 even happened. After being told that Bin Laden was responsible, Bush repeatedly asked Richard Clark to look into Saddam, and then told him to find links between Bin Laden and Hussein. Bush ignored all the evidence that was against going to war, that's why we hate him.

    There is no democracy in Iraq, because if there were the Shia majority would supress the Sunni minority. So instead we setup a constitution that favors the Sunni, and it is hardly surprising that the Shia 'insurgents' hate us.

    You are ignoring the fact that Bush lied to go to war. Do you need explicit examples of CIA reports that he ignored?

    Before George W Bush there was no talk of the 'great benefits' of war, instead war was consider to be a very last resort only when it is necessary.


    I disagree, what we need is a long-term solution and not a quick fix. This is like a junkie selling his blood every day to get high.

    Then maybe you should start a branch of government called the 'department of attack'.

    I agree there were some rough times, but Bush handled it worse then I previously could have imagine. He is a great shame for America.
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    Multiply that by 10 easily. Your grand grand grand children would still fight terrorists. If you remember, Saddam in 1979 thought Iran is weak and disunited because of the Islamic revolution. And he was right : but what he did not recognize, was that Iran would re-unite in a few days, under the islamic government, to save their own country.

    Invading Iran would do the same. That would be the best gift to islamists.
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    The number one reason I don't like him is because he is a liar, and grins about doing it. The second reason is that he abused his position as President of the U.S. buy using our military might, and our budget to enhance his own interests.

    Even if you support the war effort in Iraq, Bush failed horribly, making himself unpopular even to those who are war buffs. He shows no respect to the people who actually had to carry the weight by not providing them with adequate protection, letting them go around in un-armored Hummers, he doesn't support veterans benefits. He gets away with more blatant corruption than any president I can think of, and he has no shame.
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    Actually, his main reason was that we "desecrated' what he considered "holy land" by our troops in Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War.

    Having grown up during the Nixon administration, Bush doesn't seem that bad.
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    This question is an impossible question to answer, since noone on this forum is privy to the necessary intelligence. Whilst i'm all for questioning some of the decisions made by world leaders, it should not be forgotten that the United States is not a dictatorship- George Bush was elected by your people as the best person to lead your country. This point seems to go out of the window all too much recently, and seemingly noone agrees with his policy decisions. Well, that begs the question, why is he there?
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    I think there are two questions here. These are my opinion on them.

    1) Why do people hate Bush?
    I think most people who really hate him (versus just disliking the war and the floundering economy) are Democrats. They hate him less for the war than for stealing (in their opinion) the election in 2000 (and by extension in 2004). They never felt that he was legitimate and therefore really President.
    2) What would you have done as a response to 9/11?
    We were attacked in 9/11 because we supported the Saudi government which the terrorists were trying to overthrow. Keep in mind that we are Saudi Arabia’s protectors. It was (and is) an internal war that we are involved in because we (and the rest of the World) need the Saudi oil.
    So what could I do as President? Hmm, anything that would get us and the rest of the World off of Saudi oil would have been a good response.
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    This is an excellent question I wish were addressed.
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    There is total of an estimated 10 billion barrels of oil in ANWR (50% probability level), really the last big field in Alaska. This is a year and a half's supply. If extracted over 30 years (necessary by the physics of oil extraction), this is in the order of 4% of our consumption over the same period assuming consumption remains level. That will not lower imports prices.
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    It's because a lot of people were so opposed to the alternatives. Al Gore and Kerry. Neither were Presidential material in a lot of people's minds, although both races were very close. The Democrat's just didn't have strong candidates. In 2004 Bush's approval rating had just gone up temporarily, but long enough to win the election.
  16. Jul 12, 2008 #15
    What criteria were used to decide what should be "presidential material" ?
    To me, they forgot to take into account intellect.
  17. Jul 13, 2008 #16


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    Au contraire - intellect is the only reason they got as far as they did! For Gore, his personality was his biggest problem and for Kerry, it was largely his involvement in the hippie fringe after Vientam.

    Anyway, for the op: the one big mistake you make is the answer to your question! There never was any evidence of Hussein being involved with al Qaeda and 911 and afaik, Bush never even claimed that (though he may have implied it). And regardless of how strong the evidence for WMD was or wasn't, the fact is they didn't find any. So that's probably the biggest reason people hate Bush.

    Few people hate Bush for going into Afghanistan. Most people understand that was necessary as a direct response to 911.
  18. Jul 13, 2008 #17
    Bush getting in just goes to show how strong the propaganda machine really is. That plus the fact that most Americans don't do any research for themselves and instead adopt the opinions of people they see on TV.
  19. Jul 13, 2008 #18
    I should have thought of that indeed ! :frown:
  20. Jul 13, 2008 #19
    Sense of security? At what price? Do I need to bring up that Benjamin Franklin quote? The spending alone is horrific, given the state of the economy. And the worse, is what you claim as some lost life. Some lost life? Oh, it's just some lost life. Do you realize how many of their citizens have died? If you look at how many people died in 9/11 compared to how many people have died during the war in response to it, you will realize why so many people are joining the resistance groups to repel the foreign invaders that is the US.
  21. Jul 13, 2008 #20
    Gone after the people that did this. What does that mean?

    Invade Afghanistan: check
    Take out Taliban: check
    Find Bin Laden: Oops

    Anything else? Nope.

    Yes, with the people responsible. That's Afghanistan (ignoring the fact that the terrorists were from what, Saudi Arabia?) because of the Taliban's ties to Al Qaeda.

    No logical reason? Go check up your history. We've been meddling with the Middle East for what, centuries now? Some people are tired of it.

    Nope. He didn't go after the right people. And not because of a mistake, either. People make mistakes. What he did was decide that Iraq was the bad guy and try to fake the data (literally) to support their idea. That's not only bad, but illegal because of what it lead to.

    The rest of your post is just a bunch of bad conclusions drawn from bad facts.
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