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Why the Universe exists...

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    It's here so the dark matter "being" can feed on dark energy and grow up. When they achieve a more advanced state they move on to create their own universes, where their offspring can grow up. So far they've ignored life around the "hot spots", the climate there is too uncomfortable for them.

    But one day one of them notice an artifact emerging from the hot zone around one star a few galaxies over. If it could read it would see "Voyage One" on the side. Intrigued, it moves over to chat...
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    ... and Voyage One creates another intergalactic road kill.

    No one on the bridge notices anything. The ships psychic/crazy "feels that something is not right" but can not properly explain to the ship's doctor.
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    There's people on the bridge of Voyager One?
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    The_e was no "r" in the o_ignal post.

    I was picturing something like USS voyager:
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    I'll have to answer to the grammar Klingons for that one, won't I?
  7. Jul 10, 2017 #6
    No. Just write a story about first voyage to inter-galactic space.

    I doubt Voyager One is going to make it out of the milky way.
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    I didn't say it would.
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