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Why there isn't sub-section for "computer science & engineering" in engineering section

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    Hello Moderators,
    Why there isn't any sub-section dedicated to "Computer Science & Engineering" in Engineering Section. It'll be very helpful for Computer Science students to share their doubts through that sub-section. We some group of CSE students had trouble clearing our doubts. So, we use to post our doubts on f**eb**k.com, which isn't made for this. Hence, sometimes we had hard time finding the previous conversation in f**eb**k.com. I also tried st***ov*****w.com, but here we can not post all kind of doubts. I found Physics Forum quite easy to use, less restricted and very helpful. If moderators can create a new sub section for "Computer Science & Engineering" it'll be very helpful for all Computer Science Students.
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    See the two above replies for the answers to your question.
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