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Why This Equation Equals -1

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    This is not a very difficult question, by any means, and I see that the answer does equal -1, but I do not see the mathematical steps that go on to prove that (y-2)/(2-y)=-1 .. Can someone show me the steps that go through that? Thanks in advance.
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    1) (y-2)/(2-y)=-1
    2) (y-2)=-1(-y+2)
    3) (y-2)=(y-2)

    Wait a bit and I'll post the same in TeX.
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    Better way.

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    lol, ok sorry. That was posted slightly incorrectly the first time. Basically, the textbook says "simplify: (y-2)/(2-y) " and the back of the book gives the final answer to be -1, so I can't do the left side right side stuff
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    ahh, yes, I see your second post now . That does seem to be better. Thanks
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    so basically what I do in your second post is I multiply the bottom and top by the conjugate of the denominator?
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    Yes. (I had to look up what's a conjugate to answer your question.:shy:)

    In the future, could you please post your homework/assignment questions in the homhttps://www.physicsforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=152"um?

    This forum is more about theoretical discussions.
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    Wow, I'm stupid...

    [tex]\frac{y-2}{2-y}=\frac{-1(2-y)}{2-y} =-1[/tex]

    This is what you get for not doing any maths for almost a year.
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    OH! Jeeeze. I see, lol, Thanks. and, yes. Normally I post in the math homework forums but I think I just clicked on the wrong link and got here. I didn't notice that, sorry.
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    I thought it was about general math.
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    (y-2)/(2-y) = -1 is an equation

    (y-2)/(2-y) is not an equation; it's an expression.
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    Tom Mattson

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    It's -1 for all real numbers y not equal to 2. :wink:
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