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Why use 75 ohms on TV cables

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    we learned it could be a trade off between loss and flexibility. Because if it was around 50 ohms or so it would be too thick of a wire.

    and the we learned the minimum loss is around about 77 ohms.

    What do you guys think.
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    Many years ago I recall calculating the optimum impedance and found ~77 ohms to be lowest attenuation for a fixed coax OD and dielectric type (solid, foam, etc.). The minimum attenuation impedance may depend on the propagation velocity (i.e., dielectric type). As I recall, at other impedances the skin effect losses on the center conductor were higher. Foam polyethylene dielectric is better than solid. See


    Bob S
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    The real reason is that 75 ohms is closer to the real part of the impedance of a dipole at around 73 ohms.
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