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Why was that einstien thread locked?

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    i guess you cant have an open discussion in a forum it has to be done with PM's. Seems pretty stupid. Don't care if this gets locked.
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    No it's because there was already a disscusion about the mods explained it and they locked it.
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    my reply wasn't in response to why the other thread was locked
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    Read the guidelines you agreed to when joining the forum.
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    too bad i did
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    Yes I know that's what responded. There's already a thread about why the Einstien thread was locked and the mods explained and they locked it.
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    Then why are you complaining
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    Read the guidelines. Besides, everybody is sick of hearing that Einstein believed in a personal Christian god, when he didn't. Religious discussions are ridiculous, why would we want to discuss them all the time?
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    I know I wasn't debating whether there was a locked thread. My respoonse brought up a entirely new point. Read it agian.

    I am not complaining really, I just think it is stupid.
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    Are my post reaching your computers? I READ THE GUIDELINES. STOP SAYING THAT
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    Have you ever heard of reading comprehension then?
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    So you're stating an opinion far from being worth an entire thread? Please save server space...
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    How does this bring up an entirely new point:

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    perhaps, you sould, I asked for a specific reason on why it was closed, he gave me the link and I found the reason. I then took issue to one of the posts. Someone here needs reading comprehension, and it is you sir. Nice try, just back out of the thread, its ok everyone makes mistakes.
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    Can you please explain better on what exactally is your point is?

    Can you also explain why you think it should be reopend? If you can explain why you think it should be reopend and give a good reason why it wouldn't be breaking the gobal guidlines then maybe a mod will reopen it.
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    "My respoonse brought up a entirely new point. Read it agian."

    My response
    my respsone
    my respsone
    my respsone
    my respsone
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    turn of the computer and pick up an english book, brush up on your reading skills. Remember reading is FUNdamental.
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    Yes, people do make mistakes. Spellchecker could help you, sir. I really don't see what the problem is. The mod locked the thread and gave her reason for doing so. If you don't like it, then go find another forum to bother. Perhaps that is what you sould do. You could even try spelling einstien right. You should just let the Einstein thread go and calm down.
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