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Why was uncertainty principal necessary for non-homogeneous universe? and more

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    From what I understand, the observable universe began as homogeneous and very hot. if the universe was very hot, doesnt that mean that particles are vibrating at very fast speeds? after all, isnt heat simply kinetic energy of particles? if this is the case, then how could the universe be homogeneous? how could a universe with vibrating particles be homogeneous? this seems analogous to the reasoning behind why the uncertainty principal will turn a homogeneous system non-homogeneous system... because the particles are moving u cant have homogeneous arrangement. so if the universe was hot and moving around, why isnt this enough to turn the universe non-homogeneous?

    so where am I wrong? please correct me! thanks I appreciate your replies
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    Vibration needs bound states. There were moving around very fast.
    The same density of particles everywhere, without any fluctuations as a superposition of all possible particle motions, with the same temperature and velocity distribution everywhere.
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