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Why we call standing waves as waves

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    I am a student of physics. I wanna know why we call standing waves as waves because wave transmit energy but standing waves don't transfer energy. Secondly how standing waves are produced in H atom where there is only 1 electron. Why the colour of sky is blue at day time and why it is orange at dawn and dusk with reference to diffraction and interference. And lastly is there any transverse waves in air.
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    Standing waves do transmit energy, it just gets transmitted back by the walls ot their container.

    The electric potential in the Hydrogen atom acts to "contain" the electron waves, it represents a sort of "soft wall".

    The sky is blue at noon because of Raleigh scattering which is more effective at shorter wavelengths. But a dusk and dawn all the blue light is scattered into the sky leaving only the redder light.

    Air isn't rigid so it doesn't support transverse waves.
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