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Why white holes don't exist

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    I have multiple reasons why white holes do not exist. But first let’s go over what a white hole is. It is: the same as a black hole, but in reverse. Instead of sucking up matter and light, it spits it out. This spit out matter and light are said to have been from a black hole, transported to the white hole by a wormhole or inter-space bridge. This is not true because: first, it violates thermodynamic law number 2. Second, the wormhole cannot be produced by a black hole because the gravitational sheer that a black hole produces would be too great for a formation of a wormhole, meaning it would be impossible for it to form because of all the gravity produced by the black hole. Third: we know that it takes a significant amount of gravitational energy or force in order to reshape the fabric of space and form wormholes, but is that amount equal or less than the amount generated by black holes? Not even close. As we know, black holes are sort of shaped like funnels. They suck up matter and light and channel it into the core of their singulaty, where it is pretty much destroyed. Well, because a black hole channels all of its energy forward instead of backward or any other direction, no energy is going past the core to make a wormhole, therefore, not transmitting their matter and light to a white hole, thus rendering white holes nonexistent.
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    then where does all the material go once it is in the black hole? it has to go somewhere.

    also have scientists actually observed material being sucked into a black hole?
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    Where did all the material the black hole consists of come from? It have to come from somewhere?
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    It comes from the space around the black hole, of course. That part has been observed. I don't see your point.
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    My points was that his question was as dumb as the question I asked him.

    The mass is inside the black hole, in what form or shaper we don't know, but it is in there.
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    Who did you ask the question to?
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    Ok, here is how it works: Some people (and I am one of them) belive that the matter that is scuked up goes into the core of the black black hole, and is then compressed again and again untill there is nothing left. This is because the force that compresses the matter is circulating around the core of the black hole (the core is originally the core of a collapsed neutron star.) This circulation causes the above stated compression cylce.
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    I like how you used the violation of thermo 2 as evidence that white holes can't exist, but your model of a black hole violates the most basic of all of the laws of physics.
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    Can you expain the last post a little bit more?
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    Thanks. Can you expain the last post a little bit more?
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    google "Conservation of Matter"
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    oh ok. Thanks. I'm still not convinced that they exist though, you can't ignore my theory.... (:
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    Whoa now. Don't get me wrong. I was only trying to suggest a little rethinking of your model of a black hole. I wasn't trying to defend white holes. Heck no. I'm not convinced either.
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    Oh ok. I understood you wrong. Thanks, ill try to rethink the theory.
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    Can anyone describe the entropy increase or decrease for black and white holes?
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    Im still working on that. Entropy is not a subject that I can understand that good. Im close to an answer, but im still donig research. I will let you know when I have something.
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    What do you think about ring (Kerr) singularities>
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    P.S. From wiki, I dont understand this part:

    I see that point, you can not get rid of entropy by throwing objects in a black hole.

    However, the second law is defined for the isolated SYSTEM and implicitly uses the absolute simultanity of the state of that system which is not consistent with SR/GR and for the Black Hole is not applicable 'as is', at least, without giving additional clarifications.
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