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Why white?

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    Do you know why people say, the white, the black, the yellow.... ?
    What about people who is not white, not yellow, not black ?
    I know sunlight can burn ou skin to bright black. Why some people's heads are pink like just using some cosmetics ?
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    They say it because they are racist? Really, why do you ask.

    For your interest: melanin (or the lack of it) determines the color of your skin. When exposed to sunlight, the body starts to produce more melanin making the skin appear darker. The melanin absorbs UV-radiation and protects the skin from getting burned. Sunburned skin turns red due to the swollen blood vessels.
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    Its an expression, meaning "the white, the black, the yellow" meaning that yellow people dont even exists, so this feild of colours they are talking about includes everybody, regaurdless of race. Or you can individually point out every posible colour which a human can be, but that would be pointless.

    Dad and mom? What about uncle's and aunts:rofl:
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