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Why Worry About the Big Bang

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    Scientists spend millions of dollars and millions of hours trying to explain where matter comes from. The currently accepted theory is the "Big Bang" yet scientists don't bother to explain where that concentrated point of matter that exploded into what we see today came from. Newton's law states that matter can neither be created nor destroyed and scientists have stated they have confirmed that in the laboratory. So where did the original matter come from? Scientists don’t attempt to answer that because they can’t. What I can state is it did not come from some superior being, because if you subscribe to that belief then you have to answer, where did the superior being come from….and you are right back where you started.
    Humans are the most intelligent species to live on this Earth, as far as we know; but that is our opinion and debatable since the Dinosaurs “ruled” the world far longer than we have. We are talking millions of years longer. They didn’t go to the moon, but why would they want to? Why did humans want to? We obviously have not felt the need to go back for over 40 years. I don’t expect humans ever will again.
    Sure, we brought back moon rocks and we learned a lot about our universe and we left footprints on the moon, but we did not get any closer to learning how it all started. As far as I am concerned, if you can’t take it back to the very beginning, why try to find answers to questions less important?
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    Well, that sure covered a lot of ground. :eek:

    And in the end, I'm not sure whether you're for cosmological research or critical of it.
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    Which law is that?:uhh:
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    Gosh.....that sure was a big account to open.

    I like to learn about stuff. About where we came from. What's going on. How things work. Doing research solves this desire. You've got to do something good with your life here....we're here for only here for a brief period.
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    Wrong section.
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    Because we don't know.

    Incorrect. Matter can and is destroyed and created all the time here on Earth in particle colliders. Mass and energy cannot be created and destroyed, but matter can be,

    It is not debatable. There have never been any remains that show any sign of intelligence even close to ours.

    They weren't even able to comprehend what the Moon was. Just one of many reasons they did not go.

    A combination of curiosity and a lot of political pressure.
    It's expensive and accomplishes very little other than to show that we can still do it. There is no doubt in my mind that we will one day return.

    Nonsense. Learning more about the composition of the Moon helps us in our understanding of how the Moon was created. This is just one small part in the big chain.

    It is expected that finding the origin of everything is not going to happen any time soon. However without all the "little stuff" beforehand, we would never be able to understand the beginning. That and the fact that most people don't look at it so black and white. Just because we don't know what happened 13+ billion years ago doesn't mean that figuring out how Earth formed is meaningless.
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    Because answers to those "less important" questions can give you all sorts of ideas to make your life more convenient and comfortable.

    Would you honestly rather live the short, brutal, cave-man lifestyle constantly on the brink of starvation, or death by violence or trivial disease, but with knowledge of this most important of all questions? Or would you rather live with plenty of food, indoor plumbing, heating, and electricity and with lots of "less important" knowledge?
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    This doesn't meet the criteria for a post here.
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