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Why would a dog do this?

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    Dog owners X girlfriend?? Her head is on the spot where another dog peed earlier; her synthetic perfume smells like something a dog should pee on, there are no fire hydrants or car tires around...??? Some dogs like to pee on expensive alloy wheels and she has an earing that smells expensive.
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    I think you have it backwards. Why would a dog NOT do that? Dogs will pee on anything if the mood strikes them. It is in their nature.
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    Oh nooo, what is going on.

    No I think most dogs smell the place first before they pee all over it.
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    Yes. Your point being?
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    I've heard about it happening to dogs with vision problems. Basically, the dog can't recognize that she's a person and not like a tree stump or something.

    That, and some dogs are just kind of terrible, really.

    My much greater concern is why the girl seems to be facing directly at it with her lips parted. THAT makes me very uncomfortable.
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    They tend to pee on clean areas.
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    Maybe the dog was concerned about the heat's effect on her, and so decided to freshen her up?
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    Maybe she's a vet on holiday and the dog didn't want to wait for its next physical.
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    Except when they pee on dirty areas, particularly where other dogs have gone before them.
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    Because it's photoshopped?
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    It looks very photoshopped.
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    Vanadium 50

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    The fact that it's a vampire dog - it casts no shadow - is probably a hint.
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