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Why would anyone want to be in a wheelchair or be blind?

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    Re: Biid

    Because their brains are (mis)wired that way. Asking why is kinda pointless; a normal person wouldn't want those things but these are not normal people.
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    Re: Biid

    Is a doctor legally allowed to do this kind of surgery?
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    Re: Biid

    I don't think so. The sufferers sometimes will do it themselves, through self harm.
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    Re: Biid

    It seems like an extreme form of the 'I want to be special/noticed'.
    The same process that gets all kids classified as some sort of autistic, dyslexic, ADHA - nobody is just normal.
    Or the number of joggers/walkers you see with some sort of knee brace = look at me, I do this enough to be injured, but I'm tough enough/dedicated enough to keep doing it. This seems to be most common on the jogging for 5mins once a week crowd.
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