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Why would God create insanity?

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    If we and this world were indeed created by an almighty "god" then "he" could not have created insanity. According to christians, we were all created with free will and that is the reason that there is violence and suffering in the world. However, insane people do not necessarily have free will. The reasoning behind this "free will" is flawed as some people do not have it all of the time. Why would "god" "create" insanity?
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    Heh.. I dont know if I should touch this one.. I dont believe in god or religion.

    But, your definition of 'insanity' is a little unclear.
    Do you mean schizophrenia? Psychopathy? bipolar disorder?
    Most of these illnesses come from chemical inbalances in the brain, and very few people are actually 'insane'. A psychotic episode is a bieffect of some of those disorders, and most people who think of insanity think about a psychotic episode.

    God didn't create insanity, its a defect of the brain, the human brain hasn't evolved enough to avoid these imbalances yet.

    heh i know this probably wasnt the answer you were after, but it's true.
    god couldnt have created the universe or us, if so, are there any god particles i dont know about?
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    What if God created insanity for the benifit of other human beings?
    What if these "insane" people are just there for others to appreciate their "free will" and their ability of choice?
    personally i do not believe in choice. and i believe that insane people could possibly be the key to understanding... about "why".

    "The reasoning behind this "free will" is flawed as some people do not have it all of the time."

    Maybe God made mistakes in his design... ?
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    But if god created us then he would have meant for that person to have that defect in their brain, causing that person to have no or reduced free will, therefore disproving the fact that everyone is born with free will and has the choice to be violent or cause suffering.

    God supposedly created ALL human beings with free will. Christains do not believe that some people are less than others, as an example to them.
    The idea of a "god" is that they would be all powerful and all knowing, so they could not make mistakes.
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    But the problem is god didnt create the defect, society, nursing and upbringing did.
    The person who gets it develops it over time, because of stress or other outside influences.

    Personally i don't see god fitting into the picture anywhere, as earth is just the sum of its parts, we're all independent parts moving and doing things with out subjective free will, and thus people get problems.

    god just doesnt fit in anywhere.
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    Clouds are not perfect spheres, nor are mountains perfect cones. If not for insane people, it would be more uniform don't you think (Society in general)? Then again, it couldn't possibly be more uniform than what it already is... Insane comes from the Brain, and no ones Brain is alike (thinks identically the same way, same thought line, everyday). This would be chaos theory of a system, and if insane people (standard 'insane') ruled the world it would be a much different place. However this isn't the case because it's a little of us all, and we're not all insane.. are we?
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    Which God are we talking about? The God that philosophers try to construct out of their own reason or anything else?
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    god the creator.
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    Out of god everything is created, for god is everywhere. As to god creating insanity, it was not a choice for god. There is a choice at all moments a choiceless choice there is no destiny and yet the future may be seen. There are no mad people, only those who do not understand "mad" people. For the claimer of the mad are also mad. There is a relative expresion of what humans call madness relative to what is called a semi normal functioning, but from someone that witnesses absolute terms, all human action is madness. Sanity is achieved when you realize you are indeed mad. What species would do all that human kind does and call it humane or civilized? Questions may only be answered by oneself, each must climb the hill under their own power. Sometimes you may lend a hand to keep another from falling, or in anger push another, but the universe is just for the fall is slight but the manifestation of the system as a whole will be balanced and fair. If the universe was not fair, it could not exist.
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    Can't u ppl stay on a subject!
    I am talking about the christian god as most ppl no of, not the "god of grass" or sum **** like that.
    And u obviously have no idea of the concept of christian "free will".
    TENYEARS, dont post here any more plz
    I am also assuming for the moment that god does exist
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    You should have stated christian god in the first post. Many have different answer for different gods.
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    Les Sleeth

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    There is a simple answer to this question IF we don't arbitrarily assume anything about the "creator" other than it is something (being, forces, ?) which has been instrumental in bringing about creation.

    If we don't assume the typical theological traits, then what can we use to guide us in imagining what a creator might be like? Well, the nature of creation itself could be a reflection of creationary nature and abilities. All of creation is energetic and vibratory, for example, so maybe those are part of the creationary qualities. Similarly, because creation does have problems, it could be that the creator is not perfect at all, and is not all knowing or all powerful. Maybe the creator is a learning force, an evolving force, an organizing force doing the best it can given the level of development it has achieved.

    I might add, just because the creator isn't OMNI-EVERYTHING doesn't mean it isn't something pretty damn awesome nonetheless.
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    i quite clearly said christian in the 1st post
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    I think the creator would be OMNI-EVERYTHING.

    As for the cristian god, if god were to make the universe in 7 days even that god has limits. That god would not be all knowing. Powerful, yes.
  16. Aug 9, 2004 #15

    Les Sleeth

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    As Enos said, you should have made your statement more clear up front. So don't act indignant when you are at fault (you only related Christian belief to free will). However, if you intend this to be a discussion about the "Christian" God, then you have also made this a religious issue which is forbidden to be discussed here at PF.
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    How exactly do you know that insane people don't have free will?

    Insanity is a by product of the imperfection we [choose to] exercise. Choosing to do the wrong things can impact you more than you think. The way you choose to think can greatly alter the brain's chemistry. Not to mention the impact of other people's imperfect decision on your mind.

    Wrong. According to the Bible people can and have lost the ablity to control themselves (aka lose free will as you might say) but they are not held accountable for their actions when this happens. Also not all people are equal in Christian beliefs, but only God can measure a man's worth.

    More accurately: God aloud it to be possible.
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    you are a matter
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    Trust me, i know insane ppl dont hav free will
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    Les Sleeth

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    Which means . . . ?
  21. Aug 9, 2004 #20

    Les Sleeth

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    "Trust me" is not a logical argument. Do you have a point to make or are you just here to ridicule religious belief?
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