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Why would someone feel lonely?

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    Since you people are so smart, can you tell me what is loneliness, or why would someone feel lonely?
    I don't know why, sometimes at night, after listening to some "emotional provoking" music, I would feel lonely, and would suddenly want to have a girl to be next to me right at that instance. Why would I feel lonely?
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    Math Is Hard

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    I think there are 2 possibilities here:
    1) are you thinking of being with just any girl? If so, you're lonely (perhaps just er.. horny)
    2) are you thinking of a particular girl? If so, you aren't necessarily lonely, you're just in love.
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    If you accept that humans are social animals, then being alone (for extended periods of time), then that human would feel uncomfortable. If you accept that humans are hardwired to interact with each other, then having only 4 walls to interact with will seem unnatural and dissatisfying. We aren't barnacles after all (most of us anyhow). Feeling lonely can also have to do with fears or other psychological issues. I guess it depends on what social interaction does for a person and why it does that. What does it do for you?
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    mood change so quick... i am not feeling lonely now... because tomorrow is SATURDAY!!!
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    On the internet, no one knows you are a barnacle.
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