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Why would you NOT date a nonintellectual?

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    just curious!

    Rainbow Rider
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    Because "an" intellectual will be forever correcting your grammar.
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    Regardless of my position on the unintellectual or intellectual scale that would not bother me at all actually I would welcome constructive criticism of ANY kind, I repeat, CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.
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    If you are correcting my "a" for "an" in the thread title, I thank you. May I ask if you are one of "those" who will NOT date a so called nonintellectual?
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    Beg pardon --- would have sworn the original text was, " a intellectual," and cannot recover what was in the "unanswered posts" list to support such a claim, nor the basis for the response.
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    Say what?

    Sorry Bystander, you lost me here...but I stay dazed, confused and always finding my way to the Rainbow.

    I apologize if I offended you, that was not my intention. I think i misunderstood what you posted.
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    Can't think of any reason.
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    I dated lots of girls in high school and college. I think the intellectual spectrum was well represented.

    I ended up marrying a brilliant and beautiful engineer about to start grad school in the Harvard-MIT Medical Engineering/Medical Physics Program.

    A lot of these threads confuse intellect with meanness as if one has to have a lower IQ just to be nice.

    My wife is one of the kindest people I know and my true soulmate. The brilliant thing is just gravy, but there is a lot of gravy ...
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    Your perspective is appreciated.
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    There is always something amusing about guys discussing what type of girl they would or would not date. A hot gal could emerge from a dumpster and we'd all have our brains scrambled and falling over each other to help her out.

    Hint...I'm much older than most here. All the rational thought breaks down. A good looking gal gives us that 'come hither' look and we are powerless.

    I agree that the brilliant thing is just gravy.

    'No, I wouldn't date Jeannie (I Dream of Jeannie). She isn't an intellectual'. That statement disproves multiverse theory because all things (such as that statement) are not possible.
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    I completely agree with the perspective that Dr. Courtney provides here; I find it quite amusing that intellect and kindness/personality are somehow conflicting character traits. I am in a relationship is very much a brilliant intellectual, and who is also a beautiful and kind woman with a great sense of humour.
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    That's one of my weekness. I can't keep from correcting.
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    Being either intellectual or what you would consider nonintellectual is a matter of perception. But to answer the question for practical purposes I would say intellectual incompatibility.
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    The thread title is "Why would you NOT date a nonintellectual?"
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    You're possibly thinking of the original thread of which this is a parody?
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    Actually I was playing devil's advocate by stating the obvious. (Intellectuals wouldn't have much in common with nonintellectuals as far as conversations go maybe)

    That in no way implies intelligent people couldn't date someone who isn't as intelligent. Plenty of basic commonality within the human species that other qualities can be just as valuable in a partner.

    I would and actually do date what many of you would consider an "nonintellectual". But she is smart sensitive, and fun. She has far to many great qualities to list here. So what if we can't have meaningful conversations about science. I don't really care,....we have so many other things in life to concern ourselves with.
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    I agree with your perspective. I have a handful of partners - if I were so picky, I'd only have one.
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    jim hardy

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    intellectual ?

    We confuse intellect with education sometimes.
    Takes some time to sort it out.
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  21. Jan 6, 2016 #20
    I totally agree. My ex-sister-in-law has a PHD in library science. But has zero "common sense" . Small practical problems with very simple solutions would sometimes baffle this otherwise highly intellectual person.
    It was very comical at times.
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