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Why wouldn't this work?

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    First watch the video clip below of salt being positioned on a vibrating substrate...


    ...Then tell me why you think that this wouldn't work if I shrunk everything down so that the particles being used were ~10nm diameter and the spacings were ~100nm between features. I am hoping that it will, but I want to see where others foresee problems arising.

    EDIT: and the frequency increased proportionally
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    The vibrational nodes of the plate wouldn't change, so the relative scale would be totally trashed. I'm not sure what the effect of that would be. In order to change the nodes, you would also have to change the physical composition of the plate. Again, the effect is unknown (to me).
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    @Danger: Sorry, The frequency would also be scaled up to force the nodes together
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    [Double Post]

    If you think that it does work, leave a quick comment attesting so, please. Also, the video is somewhat interesting in of itself, so even if you don't want to help me out, you might get some entertainment from it.

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    I've actually seen that video before, and I agree that it's really neat to watch. As for wanting to help you... I wish that I could. Unfortunately, I just don't know anything about it. My first response was just a shot in the dark to let you know that your presence is welcome. :smile:
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