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    I was just thinking about this question, and would like to know what other people on these boards think about this: why are space, time, matter and energy the building blocks of the Universe and why is it not something else? Why is it these specific entities? Does anybody know the answer to this, or at least, their point of view?
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    Hehe.. I don't think anyone can answer that dear sir.
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    LOL...yes I agree, but I mean, what is anyone's insight on this topic?
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    Ive often thought about it.. Is the way our universe is built, the only way for any universe to be built?

    What i mean is, does this universe contain everything that can exist, because thats the way it must evolve?
    I do think that maybe, if there is another universe not made up with particles, maybe strings, whatever, then it would be completely different.
    But the way everything hangs together, like frequencies, vibration, form, speed, all these things are linked together and dictate the way the universe is, so it seems to me that the universe is finding out how all this can be put to use and create an universe.

    If that makes any sense.
    I have no clue how other universes would work, and i cant imagine what kind of building blocks and basic principles would be needed to make it work, but the bottom line is it seems like our universe fits so well together, and everything is so thought through, that this must be one of the more perfect and thought out universes.
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    This Creation Of Creatures,fitures And Nature Of The Universe Have Been Created By A Creator!!! Do You Know Exactly What It Means?
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    OK, thanks for the answer.
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    Space, Time, Matter, and Energy are all words we've assigned to the fundamental concepts required for our own existance. They are ideas created by the human mind to describe the reality we live in. If we did not exist, nor would the concept of space, time, matter, or energy. Perhaps some other race exists and doesn't even view space the way we do. Perhaps this race is omnipresent and has no sense of spacial dimensions, only time and aggregate energy/mass, and perhaps other dimensions of reality we are not even aware of.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that I don't see any reason why there should be limitations on how a universe can or cannot be. All we know is how our universe is or is not. No one can answer your question any more than we can answer "is it possible that 2 + 2 could ever not be 4?" We can prove it is always 4 in under current constraints and known rules, but we can never absolutely prove it or anything for that matter.

    All things are relative.
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    The ultimate philosophical question

    Why is there something instead of nothing?

    A question that has been asked by philosophers for eons. I think it is similiar to your question and one that is probably (like the one above) unanswerable.
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    Pergatory I agree all things are relative, but when push comes to shove, there is a reality, and that reality cannot be changed.

    We may say that because our conscious filters filter the reality, we will never see the real reality, but if we try to think metaphorically, what is reality without our filters?
    We may never find out, but certainly it is there.
    You say without us there would be no concept of the universe, I disagree.

    Just because there is no observers to view something, doesn't mean it doesnt exist.
    And as such there is something there which we can philosophize.

    Bottom line is, I think reality is either 1 or 0, something either exists, or it doesn't, something has a form, or it doesn't, even if we created the terms form and exist, its still there. And also since we are born in this un iverse, and made up of it, we are inherently a large part of it, and who's better to define that reality than us?
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    Just my thoughts


    I agree with the simple idea of the 1 or 0. To me, the 1 represents everything and everything is "energy" in one form or another. So when we refer to space, time and matter, we are refering to various forms of energy.

    Just my thoughts.........stay active.
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