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Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee?

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    Is there any necessity at all to come up with one united standard? This is what I'm thinking: come up with a single standard, but with 3 mode:

    Wireless Cable mode: up to 1.5 meter, minimize the power consumption and radiation while providing excellent speed.

    PAN mode: with a maximum range of 10 meters, allowing indoor access between various devices, like login on to the internet using your phone or router.

    Industrial area network Mode: covering the radius of 100 meters, best suited for large offices, metro station and industrial sites, support a series of adv. feature including seamless roaming.

    As for hardware implementation, the first two will be integrated in the same module, while the 3rd one will be carried out with another set of... hardware, the point is, all devices will be IP-lized, that is, everything will be given a unique 6? section of IP addresses, so the addressing would be rather simple, learn the protocol once, gain know-how on addressing everything.

    This should save a great deal of trouble in figuring out what would be the best for a product, Bluetooth? Zig bee? Wireless USB? Develop a new wireless serial connection from scratch?
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    For roaming, look up 802.11r.

    Multiple devices running bluetooth in the same area (6+) cause issues. It was never meant for that.

    Beamforming devices are currently being addressed.

    The problem when you come up with a new standard when there are already a Y number of standards, is that only X people will use it, and now there are Y+1 standards.
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    If your app can survive being off air for long stretches, you may get away with wifi. The other two simply don't have much bandwidth / range.
    Making a new standard is a bad idea. It's a lot of investment and runs into compatibility issues. Instead, I'd suggest finding a standard that has made inroads an hopping on for the ride.
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