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Wi-Fi water penetration?

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    Approximately how far will a signal penetrate a fresh water pool from the surface to a swimmer assuming current Wi-Fi standards?

    With at least 6-8" of water penetration I would purchase an iPod Touch and listen to streaming radio while doing laps.


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    Got this from http://www.network-builders.com/wifi-range-under-water-t38480p2.html
    Not sure how accurate. In fact, one inch seems a little low. But i don't know.
    Another site forum suggested that 1 meter is max.

    "Radio waves generally penetrate water to around 1/4 wavelength.
    considering the wavelength of 2.4 Ghz WiFi is about 0.13m (13Cm) you
    can expect a useable range of around 3 Cm (a little over 1 Inch )"
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    The problem lies in the salinity of the water and the amount of free ions. Pure, distilled water will not absorb radio waves to a large degree. However, the dissolved salts and other ions in water greatly adds to its conductivity and suppresses the transmissions of radio waves. I would say that with pool water, I would not expect much penetration due to the addition of cleaning agents such as chlorine. But without having any numbers or experiments with this situation most of us are probably only going to be able to give you an educated guess. Best bet would be to just try it out and see but keep expectations reserved.
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