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Wick contraction and derivatives

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    Hey guys,

    one quick question about Wick contractions and derivatives:

    Suppose I want to write down all (non-vacuum) Wick contractions of two fields a, and one field A into a cubic QCD-like interaction term of the form

    [itex]\partial^\nu A^{\mu, a}(p_1) a_\mu^b(p_2) a_\nu^c(p_3) f^{abc}[/itex]

    to get the corresponding Feynman rule (where each field carries also a color index).
    How do I cope with the derivative? Normally I'd do a Fourier transform, but how do I know to which field the momentum belongs to? In other words if I Fourier trafo the derivative will it become a [itex]p_1[/itex], [itex]p_2[/itex], or [itex]p_3[/itex]?

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