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Homework Help: Wicked proton trajectory problem

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    I have no idea what formulas i'm supposed to use here, or possibly how to use them... any help would be great...

    Protons are projected with an initial speed vi = 9.73 103 m/s into a region where a uniform electric field E = (-720 j) N/C is present, as shown in Figure P23.49. The protons are to hit a target that lies at a horizontal distance of 1.27 mm from the point where the protons cross the plane and enter the electric field in Figure 23.49.

    (a) Find the two projection angles that will result in a hit.
    (smaller angle)
    (larger angle)
    (b) Find the total time of flight for each trajectory.
    (for the smaller angle)
    (for the larger angle)
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    Well, it's easy to get the force on the proton, so from there just use f=ma to get the motion. You'll have to break it up into components, so fx = max, etc.
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