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Width of wire

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    What is the effect of increasing the width of a wire on it's resistance, and why?

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    What do you think? Do you know the structure of a metal/solid?
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    Does it decrease because there are more electrons to move freely?
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    You pretty much got it. Just think of a pipe where you can vary the diameter to affect the water flow.
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    ok thanks for the help
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    So now that you've figured it out with help from ranger, here is the general equation that you should memorize (yes, there are a handful of equations that you should memorize):

    [tex]R = \frac{\rho L}{A}[/tex]

    So an increase in the "width" of a conductor increases the area of the conductor, which does what?
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    Sorry, but what does pL represent?
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    p = static resistivity of material and L = length of specimen.
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