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Wierd symbol what is it?

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    My prof writes this symbol that looks (sort of) like this [tex]\ni[/tex] for "such that"

    I just write the words "such that" in my notes...

    But what is this symbol? I just choose the latex that looked most like what's on the board... is it the right one?
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    Gib Z

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    Well in set builder notation usually [tex]\in[/tex] means "in" and "|" for "such that". Eg [tex]S=\{ k \in \mathbb{Q} | \sqrt{k} \in \mathbb{C} \} [/tex] means the set S is equal to the set of rational numbers such that sqrt k is a complex number.
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    I was introduced with this notation back when i started calculus. However most people use s.t rather than that.
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    I think that if your professor does use that symbol, then it's very confusing. As Gib Z says, [itex]\in[/itex] means a member of and so the backward version means exactly the same: e.g. [itex]\mathbb{N}\ni n[/itex].
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    Okay. I just wanted to know if anyone else had seen it. I don't find it that confusing... I wanted to know if this is what it looked like becuse my prof writes it in this odd way.
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    The symbol for "such that" and epsilon has a bit difference. The symbol is larger. But I havent seen anything springer book using that symbol for such that.
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