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Wigner d-matrices

  1. Sep 6, 2013 #1
    I am writing a program for computing the Wigner d-matrices and ran into an apparent contradiction:

    Specifically computing d^1/2_{-1/2,1/2}

    According to Edmonds, p.59, 4.1.27 this is given by

    (-1)**[1/2-(-1/2)][1!/(1! 0!)]**{1/2} sin(b/2)=-sin(b/2)

    Now for d^{1/2}_{1/2,-1/2}
    From p.61, (4.4.1) we get -sqrt(1) d^0_{00} sin (b/2)=-sin(b/2)

    However, from the relation d^j_{m'm}=(-1)**(m-m') d^j_{m,m'}

    these two should have the same sign as (m-m')=1/2-(-1/2)=1 is odd

    Could be it a typo in Edmonds?
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