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Wigner Eckart theorem

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    I originally posted this in the Science Book and discussion forum but received no help. Am posting it here, hoping that I will.

    I was looking for material that would go over the Wigner Eckart theorem and mathematics of Angular Momentum in more rigor than the traditional texts do (in specific Ballentine). I am not only looking for books, but any papers, articles which treat the following in a more rigorous mathematical footing would be appreciated.
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    What kind of rigor are you looking for?
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    From the point of view of Lie algebras and groups. Hopefully, one that develops the material from scratch.
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    For a mathematical treatment of this kind of thing, I have found Fuchs & Schweigert "Symmetries, Lie Algebras and Representations" good.
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    Thanks henry. I'll look into it.
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