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Wikipedia Dumping

  1. Jul 22, 2006 #1
    I am trying to import the a wikipedia 5.6 GB XML dump into MySQL 5.0 using mwdumper. The problem is that the temperature of my hard disk is reaching 50C (120F) after just 30000 pages.

    Is there any way to prevent this or to import the wikipedia dump into MySQL in parts?
    Speed is not an issue so if there is a solution which can solve my problem but imports at a low speed, I wouldn't mind it.

    PS - I am getting speed 35 pages/sec in mwdumper and 8 pages/sec in import.php.
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    That sounds very interesting. What kind of data are you importing?
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    Buy a fan for the HD.
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    Or put your computer in your refrigerator temporarily, if it's at all feasible. Server rooms are usually refrigerated for this reason.
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    The wikipedia (en.wikipedia.org) encyclopedia, nothing special.

    There is no way to route the comp cables out of the refrigerator without keeping it open, so not possible.

    Do you mean then that there is no way to import the data in parts? Maybe by modifying the script to filter pages according to the first alphabet of the title page and then execute the script for each of the 26 alphabets?
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    Or modify the script so you can pause it, or even pause the process. I dont know much about the import method so i cant be much help.
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    There's a way to do it so that it doesn't have to be done all at once, but exactly how depends on the structure of the XML file. It's not a terribly complicated process. You read from the XML file and insert into the database server. Perhaps one way to do this is to manually split the XML file into smaller pieces, then you can still use whatever script you're using rather than write one, but again that depends on the structure of the XML.
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    Box fan..........
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