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Wikipedians at PF

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    How many of you contribute to Wikipedia?

    How frequently?
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    I only edit the occasional article. Have never authored one wholly.
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    I usually edit an article once or twice a month depending on how much I go to the site. Most of the stuff I deal with is motorcycle related though, not science.
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    When I first heard anyone could "edit" it, I thought it had to mean subject to the website's moderation. I figured you'd submit a suggested improvement, they'd look it over, and publish it or not. The thought that anyone could just write anything they wanted, unsupervised, seemed pretty ludicrous. Given that that latter turned out to be the actual case, I'm kind of amazed at how much good information it actually does contain.
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    Very occationally some edits if come across whatever interesting, 1-2/month.
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    I am a wikipedia junkie. I read it all the time and make minor contributions occassionally.
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    I did the HCCI article on Wikipedia a few months back. That and a few edits here and there. Thats about it.
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    I don't work for free.
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    Whenever I see a typo, I correct it. That's about it though. I probably edit a page every few days and when studying for history or doing a project, I correct tons.
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