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Wilberforce Pendulum

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    Here s a brief explaination:

    http://remote.science.uva.nl/~dcslob/IM/pendulum/home.htm [Broken]

    Could anyone with any experience in this please give me a few links or some information on it.

    Thank you all :biggrin:
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    Can Nobody help me? :frown: :cry:
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    I've not experimented with the Wilberforce Pendulum before, so I cannot tell you anything, but what I suggest is to try goggling "Wilberforce Pendulum". I tried that, and it gave me quite a number of links, though most are no more informative than the one above.
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    The page that you linked has just about everything you could possibly need? What else do you expect to find? It is to bad that his video clips do not seem to work.
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