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Wilczek's Talk

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    Frank Wilczek is giving a talk tonight at the Ohio State University. This will be a great opportunity to attend a not-too-technical talk by a brilliant physicist. So if you happen to be in the Central Ohio region tonight, you might want to come take a look-see.

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    So, was his talk anywhere similar to the two Reference Frame articles he wrote in Physics Today late last year?

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    I attended one of Professor Wilczek's seminars ("The Universe is a Strange Place") a few weeks ago at the University of South Florida. He did go over the m=E/c^2 thing there, and also covered the topic of Asymptotic Freedom amd some other cosomological items. Really interesting stuff, but I am unfamiliar with the Physics Today article that ZapperZ mentioned.

    What was even better was that I was able to speak to such a distinguished person after the seminar. :biggrin:.
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