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Wild Washer, olé olé

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    Normally I'm not in a habit to tell about domestic adventures, but this is certainly an exception.

    There I was, doing some innocent posting in some forum, when the washer in the adjacent room initiated a first spin-dry round. All of a sudden the friendly humming sound of the drum approaching full spinning speed, turned into a horrible roar and it seemed as if the building was about to collapse in a terrible earthquake.

    So I hurried to the washer room to see the washer, with the dryer on his back, had turned wild. It ran towards me, a real wild washer. :surprised :surprised while tossing the dryer off it's back. Rodeo!!

    I tried to find the knob to turn it off, but it was way too wild for me to succeed. Finally the fuze blew and the beast came to a slow halt, shortly before it would have overrun me. :yuck:

    After cleaning the mess, it turned out that the axis of the drum inside the washer was broken. Certainly a spectacular end of the beast. The other dwellers of the appartment are slowly recovering.
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    Washer at Marzena's parent's house broke a toilet back in eighties.
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