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Will Deep Space Exploration ever begin?

  1. Yes?

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  2. No?

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  1. Dec 3, 2003 #1
    The photo was taken in 97, Mother's Day, in Louisville Ky, above a old Catholic Church, by myself and brother.

    The appration in the form of snakish charteristics looming above the church exhibits a heart of evil undreamable- It's not alone-
    Anyways, I was hoping you space folks could give advice on the lastest affordable technology, if any, for the paranormal. The camera is a good aid but it doesn't record the energy waves nor those hideous voices

    The photo has been edited-For better veiwing enlarge this photo.


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    This is in the wrong place!

    What do you mean by 'the paranormal'?

    It's not an area of study within astronomy or cosmology, so I'd recommend that a PF Monitor move this to a more suitable place in PF.
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    what does that have to do with deep space exploration?
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    Re: This is in the wrong place!

    Tools for lifeforms of a spiritual nature,


    I found that If you invert the photo, that should blacken out the sun and it's rays, but the appration consist of some sort of light/energy. I firmly believe this being is Satan, in particular, in the form of the serpent, one reason, due to it's extremely evil persona

    When Mars was close to Earth, I seen something almost like a comet, sky blue in color, and weaving in and out of the dark starry night. It was beautiful and fast, .. real fast.............

    What exactly is the study of astronomy/cosmology? And where should it be moved?
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    I think I figured out something! Rap; were you, by any chance, looking for "Psychic Formums"? I've made that mistake in the past myself, and ended up trying to understand what scientific discoveries Nostradamus had made, that his name should come up so often.

    It's a perfectly understandable mistake if you did. Perhaps you're thinking "Astronomy + Cosmology = Astrology"? The terms are very similar.
  8. Dec 8, 2003 #7
    I don't know how to blacken out and invert photos so I have absolutely no idea as to what your talking about.
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    A basic camera is actually the best device for examining paranormal phenomenon. And the more basic the better since it is only from unclear, overexposed, and otherwise flawed photos where such interpretations can be made.

    The pic you posted, for example, appears to be of a reflection from inside your car window. Car windows are great for that sort of thing.

    The voices are best recorded with as crappy of a tape recorder as you can find - for the same reason.

    einsteinian77 - download and play with a photo editor if you never have. Their capabilities would amaze you. www.jasc.com

    is a link to an aparition of Lenin that appeared recently in a shower. Apparently, Lenin is visiting people in their showers now to spread the word about communism.
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  10. Dec 9, 2003 #9
    LOL, that Lenin.
  11. Dec 12, 2003 #10

    Just one instant Polaroid camera, anyways, that thing is real and intelligent - diabolic fashion.

    Terrifying Hellish dimension

    Reflection of what? King Cobra, besides, don't have a car- it was taken outside, over a big Old Catholic Church/ on Mother's Day. I jest sometimes and call it Scary Mary

    - My body usually goes into a state of paralysis and besides, this ain't friendly, and if I could move I'm not bold enough to hit play.......run......run.......run.........
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  12. Dec 12, 2003 #11

    No..hmm.....but they might have tools.

    It all sounds the same to me.....everbody is out investigation space.

    Time that they merge?...NASA & Paranormal
  13. Dec 12, 2003 #12
    What exactly is that a picture of?
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