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Will I be at the 4 year I transfer to for four years?

  1. Nov 21, 2009 #1
    I've been studying at my local community college since spring of 08 semester, including summers. I'll be finished with calc 1-3, diff eq, lin alg, statics, chemistry, physics 1-3, engineering 1, and possibly dynamics by the time I transfer.

    I haven't spoken with a Cal Poly adviser yet, just my current one, but I suspect he/she will recommend the same as this is whats on the assist.org website for transfers to Cal Poly..

    My concern is that I'm not going to be able to apply until fall of 2010 for fall of 2011 semester.

    When I do transfer, I'm going to have to take ALL the upper division, plus some of the remaining specialized lower division work I couldn't complete at my current school.

    So if AE is a 4/5 year major, how long do you think it will be with some of the major lower division stuff knocked out but not all?

    I'm concerned because I just turned 25 this past June and I'm realizing I waited WAY too long to go back to school.

    At my current rate, I'm looking to graduate with a BS by the time I'm turning 30.

    I plan to go straight into a masters program so I wont be out until I'm like 32.

    I know its good I started now, sooner then later, but is this realistic? Seven years?

    I'll add that in spring, I wanted to master my foundation in algebra, so I started off with algebra and intro to chemistry. Now I'm almost done with Calc 2 and I finished my third semester of Chemistry last spring. So I had to work my way back up a bit since high school.

    I was never big into high school, much more of a go outside and figure things out for myself. I decided I wanted to build a space ship and decided I should go to school :P

    So here I am. I've never been more passionate about anything.
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