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Will I be competing against Biomedical Engineers for a job as a BMET?

  1. Dec 5, 2011 #1
    The University of Alabama in Birmingham (UAB) as well as Auburn University and the state's flagship school, the University of Alabama churn out some top tier engineering students. I'm going to continue on the road to an advanced degree, however, only after taking a detour through an A.A.S. in Electronics Technology with a specialty in biomedical electronics, robotics, and automation (diverse I know). I'm interning for a year at Russell Medical Center as a BMET. I should be graduating with my associates shortly thereafter. I have organized my classes such that I will only need to complete my math and physics sequence while working as a biomedical electronics technician after I graduate. When I finish that, I will head back to school full time to finish up.

    I am, however, worried about landing a job after my associates. Will engineers be competing for the same jobs for which I will be applying?
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