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Will i enjoy physics in future?

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    I have enjoyed physics in my school days(during class 11th and 12th).
    Now either i will go to any engineering college or get BS MS dual degree from IISER. Will i able to enjoy physics in colleges too(if i go there)???

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    That's a question no one knows the answer to.
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    Hey vkash.

    One question you might want to ask yourself is whether you won't mind spending a lot of your time doing problem sets, learning mathematics (and doing problems), working with computers in different capacities (simulations, models, numerical stuff, etc) amongst lab work.
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    Or, just pick up a physics book and see if you'd like doing it. The Berkeley Physics Series are available in India for around Rs500. There's also Classical Mechanics by Kolenkow and Kleppner; another by David Morin, PhD (lol) and yet another by A.P French which are meant to be good.
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    How can i tell that will i able to continue with it in future or not.. I didn't know that what is things i have to study in future>>

    Answer 1: hmmmmm... i think no.. I won't mind. I can give a long time to solve problems,
    Answer 2: WOW.. its fantastic i can do it, till i understand what is happening.(I am too weak in permutation and probability).
    Answer 3: I can't say anything about it..

    So how was it?
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