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News Will Israel Attack Iran?

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    It is also interesting to consider who the moderate mulsim countries would support. Most feel threatened by Iran, but to support Israel is a tough political stance. Also would an attack on Iran help fuel the Palestinian statehood push?
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    well, the timeline has been a bit off, and like many government projects you get budget overruns. but we do seem to be proceeding more or less according to the plan that Gen. Wesley Clark told us about.


    of course, we just knocked over Libya, and now the US ambassador to Syria has fled.


    i don't think israel really wants to attack iran directly, they'd much rather we do it. but, with US troops leaving iraq, we wouldn't be there to shoo israel back. plus, we'd still be just a short hop away in bahrain to provide backup.

    it pains me greatly, but it seems obvious there is a huge push to keep knocking over governments in the mideast. and i just can't read what obama might do. the coming election, OWS, his falling out with banking industry contributors... on the one hand it seems like he's jinking to the anti-war side at the moment, but once there is a republican nominee and an actual campaign begins, it could get pulled either way. if it happened before the election, then probably just after the iraq withdrawal/redeployment. and also if before the election, maybe not a total negative for obama since there will be a reluctance to switch horses midstream.
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    Why attack Iran?
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    I don't know if they actually will, but they have been looking for excuses to do so.
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    If they can get someone else to do it (I'm talking about the people that setup these wars), they will. Wave something under someone's nose (be it money, oil, more power etc) and get someone else to do it. Then get rid of them altogether when it is all over.

    It's like getting a junkie to kill someone by promising them heroin and then when it is all over they rot in jail because a) they have no credibility and b) they are expendable.

    These people who have been doing this kind of thing have been doing this for a long time and they have become good at what they do, make no mistake about it.
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    This is why they don't make such appeals to Israel and the west publically.

    Did you have something specific in mind?
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    UK and U.S. 'draw up joint plan to attack Iran':

    Maybe a multi-national plan is in the works. The president loves all that multi-national stuff. About two days after the Republican National Convention seems like a good time. If all goes well, re-election is almost assured. Too late in the year for a viable far-left third party. Are the uber-lefties going to stay home and let a Republican president appoint replacements for Ginsberg and Scalia? The Chinese won't like it but what are they going to do? They need us to buy their slave labor plastic crap as much as we need them to borrow our dollars back; its kinda like re-cycling, very green, don't you know? Putin is very macho but I don't think he is ready to go to war.

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    can add another ex-Mossad chief to the pile.


    and he goes on to peg internal religious fundamentalism as a bigger threat than iran.
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    Wouldn't it be interesting if Israel was to win over the Iranian people - convince them they should take their country back to avoid war?
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    I have no doubt. Remember the present "elected government" of Iran has a number of 12ers amongst them, including their president. FWIW, they believe in helping bring about the Muslim equivalent of judgment day. They really think it is their duty. What better way than tossing nukes at Israel?
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    I agree. With enemies like these I look at the Cold War with nostalgia. For Mutually Assured Destruction to work you need a rational enemy.

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    Since we already have a mutual defense treaty with Israel, all it would take to put a stop to all of this nonsense is for the United States to announce that a nuclear attack on Israel would be viewed by the US as an attack on us.

    Should that occur, the capital of Tehran, the holy city of Qoms, and one unnamed city (list of fifteen "possibles" provided) would be obliterated.

    I doubt if Iran would launch an attack. Iranian leaders may sound irrational, but this is a deliberate ploy. I have lived there, and I have confidence in the people's ultimate good sense of their own best interests.

    They have their religious nut cases, but so do we. God forbid that any of ours get into positions of power!
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    Out of interest, where did you get the "most feel threatened by Iran" from?
    Also, when you say "to support Israel is a tough political stance", do you mean for the "moderate" countries, or for Iranians? And do you mean it's tough becasue it's difficult to defend Israel's policies?, or do you mean it's tough to defend Israel because of the hostility expressed towards Israel?

    Isn't Israel pushing for war? Both through it's seemingly endless posturing (as with Iraq), and through it's policies? It'd be interesting if the majority of the world won over Israel. I think the response from the world community in the UNESCO bid was a demonstration of current attitudes.
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    If Israel was "pushing for war" as you say, wouldn't they already be bombing?
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    Yes, that was hilarious! But what's at stake, not so much.

    Yet another warning from defence analysts how Iranians might hit back at the world in a way that really hurts....

    Then how it would happen...


    Or this 2008 paper stressing that laying the mines is pretty low tech and hard to combat...


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    In response to the IAEA Report - this report from India seeks to summarize the world view.


    "Many experts believe that Iran's aim is not to challenge the world by building nuclear weapons. Avner Cohen, the historian of Israel's own covert nuclear weapons programme, believes that Iran's aim is not to make nuclear weapons, but develop the capability that can be quickly scaled up to make one. In that way, it can stay within the boundaries of the NPT. But, says Cohen, "An Iran under attack would probably become more determined and purposeful in its nuclear ambitions. "
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