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News Will Israel back us if we attack Iran?

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    Do you guys think that Israel would assist us if America and our allies attack Iran? Because as I look at it, Iran, not Palestine, is Israels greatest threat.
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    Everyone that's not Israel is a threat to Isreal in that region. They would jump at the chance of war with Iran.
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    They sure don't seem to be jumping at it yet.
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    This is very hypothetical of course, but we went to great lengths to keep Israel out of the last two gulf wars. I don't think a war with Iran would be any different.
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    How did we go to great lengths to keep Israel out of Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom?
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    Did u miss the news? Iraq was firing skud missels at Israel and they didnt retaliate! Isreal wouldnt join any war, they have enough of there own problems, plus they arent stupid enough to do that IMHO.
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    Are you implying that the US is :wink:
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    When did that happen?
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    Are you trying to make fun of the United States? Don't forget your country is in this as much as we are.
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    Perhaps but dont take that the wrong way, Israels and US's cirumstances are totally different, so you cant compare...
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    I was pretty young, but this is still something I should have known. Very interesting. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.
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    What the hell did they do that for?
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    Another thing I did not know about until a few hours ago, was the scale of the Iraq-Iran war. I had no idea that this war was the longest war in the 20th century. And I didn't know that the Iraqi millitary used chemical weapons; and killed so many people! I just read that the chemical attacks on Iran killed more people by a WMD than any other attack in history, next to the nuclear attacks on Japan.
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    Since when am I responsible for my governments actions? I never quite got why people never make the distinction between a citizen and it's government :smile:

    Discalimer: just to be clear I have no direct control over the actions of my governement whatsoever, their political decisions both misguided and adroit are none of my doing.

    And yes I supose I am being a little sarcastic but I do think any sort of military action against Iran when it is already involved in a costly war with Iraq, is somewhat unwise to say the least. I'm hoping all this is is posturing and who's got the biggest **** type stuff. But with old GW you never can tell what he's going to do.

    Hasn't the IAEA already stated that Iran is at least 5 years from obtaining the technology to make nuclear weapons? Would it not then make sense to threaten rather than invade? Or even bomb? Would the US want to be shown to be making war if there is no WMD again after the last embarassement? Is there more to this than just WMD, as there was in Iraq?
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    I really think that Isreal should take them out. Iran is a crazy theocracy, and they obviously are a big threat to Israel. I trully do think that the US should stay out of it. But who else is going to step up.
    You don't really think that Iran should be able to have a nuclear arseneal, do you?
    Because if not, someone has to stop them.

    Did you vote for Tony Blair?
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    Bush won't be President in five years. If he's going to make his mark on history, he has to do it within the next two years. :rolleyes:

    If he does attack Iran, I doubt he'll go to Congress about it first. You don't do that unless you're sure they'll back you. Even if Bush could eke out a majority for support, the scene in Congress would be positively ugly.
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    what are you talking about? If we just immediately invaded Iran without getting some serious support it would be a very difficult battle. I seriously doubt that we would even be able to invade Iran alone. Our millitary is too thinly spread right now.
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    Do WHAT for? Please quote statements you are responding to.

    During the first gulf war, after Iraq had invaded Kuwait, and the United States was bombing Iraq, Iraq did, in fact, start firing missiles at Israel who, to that point, had had nothing to do with the war. Iraq's whole point was to get Israel to retaliate- then most of the middle east, moslem, nations would stop fighting Iraq and turn against Israel.
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    How very interesting.

    I am refering to the statement made by the Member of Physics Forums named HallsofIvy on Tuesday, Aprill 11, 2006 at 10:04am Central Standard Time, in which this member said:
    :biggrin: :biggrin:
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