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Will it Rotate or Translate?

  1. Jun 25, 2012 #1
    A particle hits a rod at one of its end in space.
    Now will the rod rotate or translate or do both.....What part of the force goes into translation/rotation ??
    If the above scenario happens in air, what will differ?
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    There are several things to consider--whether this is an elastic or inelastic collision and what angle the particle strikes the rod.

    Regardless, conservation of linear and angular momentum apply for the system as a whole, so if the particle doesn't come in straight along the length of the rod, the rod's going to rotate after collision.
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    But why would it rotate and not translate??
    (assume elastic collision and the velocity of particle is perpendicular to length of rod)
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    D H

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    It's going to do both. Angular momentum and linear momentum are conserved quantities.
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    Ok, i seem to get it now. Just wasn't sure.
    Thank You for your Help. :approve:
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