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Will light bend?

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    will light bend when it reach in front of a black hole??????
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    Explain more please. I assume you mean "will the path of light bend" but that depends on the situation. If a beam of light is directed either directly toward or directly from a black hole, its path will not bend. If, however, it go past a dark hole, then, as happens any time light passes a mass, its path will bend.
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    I was wondering, even though it appears that light bends, is it actually going in a straight line?
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    Will light blend? Why yes, yes it does!

    Oh, bend... Well, it'll does that too (look up, for instance, gravitational lensing)
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    In a manner of speaking yes. Photons travel on what are celled null geodesics and geodesics are a generalisation straight lines in euclidean space.
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    I guess its not the light that bends. It should be the "space" or the path of light that bends in the vicinity of large mass. Light just treads the path ! Gravity itself the result of the tension of "space" due to heavy mass ! This is the essence of relativity !

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