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Will not taking Chemistry junior year hurt my chances of getting into top colleges?

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    I'm currently a sophomore and I haven't taken any course in chemistry yet. Our school only offers up to chemistry honors but both the honors and regular classes are extremely hard to get an A in (almost the same difficulty). Not only that but the teacher doesn't teach and the tests/labs/assignments take up a lot of time and require deep understanding of the material. If this is so, and there is only 1 teacher that teaches chemistry, should I take this course junior year? I have 4 APs and another honors class, and a language class signed up already for next year (junior year). Should I not sign up for chem so that I don't have to risk getting a C or lower?

    Would there be a difference in taking chemistry senior year? I mean, colleges don't know the exact difficulty of courses and taking a super hard course in your junior year would just be suicide right? Do colleges know the course rigor or do they just think the courses are all at a specific level? I don't know what I should do here, please help. Thanks in advance.
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    i don't understand? will the class get easier senior year?
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    Geez, what is this, the fifth thread you've started about AP Chem? It really doesn't matter whether you take it junior or senior year. Really. If you're that concerned, email the undergrad admissions counselor at whatever school your interested in and get a response from them.
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    No, but I have to take SATs in my Junior year and I need to prep badly. Also, some people say I might get deferred by top colleges if they don't have my chem grades by the time I apply.. Hmm.. I guess I will try emailing them.

    And yeah, so what if I'm overly worried about my schedule?? These grades/decisions may determine my acceptance/rejection to schools that I apply to, and ultimately my career and goals. I know that grades aren't everthing, but they do mean a lot to me and I do want to get straight A's. I will be unable to drop/change classes later in the school year so this is an important decision. I just need to get some things straight. 98% of the people have B's or lower and it is really worrying me.
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    Dude, what are you doing *outside* of class? I'm serious. Because if all you do in high school is get straight A's and high SAT scores, the truly elite colleges are not going to want to touch you with a 10-foot pole.

    Oh, you'll get into a good school, no doubt... but not nearly as good as you seem to be aiming for.

    Take the course, try to learn some chemistry, accept the B, and move on.
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    or if you really want to get into and do well at a top college, try hard to get an A in this course. it isnt half as hard as a good course at a top college.
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    I agree. Take the guy. He'll be good prep for an actual college course, which, like Mathwonk said, will definitely be alot harder. And we keep telling you to take the chem course, yet you still keep asking us again and again if you should take it! Asking the question again isn't going to change the answer!

    If your afraid of this, then your afraid of college. If your going to be a science major, then you better be ready for you classes and assignments/lab reports to become a high percentage of your life. You are supposed to take classes to get a deep understanding of the material. Many college professors care more about their research than the classes they teach, so they don't teach either. It sounds to me that the people taking this guys class are just used to being spoon-fed material. He may be a good teacher, in fact, it may be that the 98% of kids taking him that aren't getting A's are just used to being spoon-fed material, and he's not doing it. Good for him! He's preparing you guys for what's to come. And, don't say an honors class won't be spoon-fed. Believe me, it means nothing. I was in honors in high school and we were spoonfed as well, at least compared to college classes. Take the class your junior year. When senior year rolls around you are going to have so much more to be concentrating on(applying for school, etc.) that taking this class then would be worse. That's my answer. Everyone else has given their answer multiple times as well, so stop asking the question, and take action! You sound like a smart kid Aznboi. You'll be fine as long as you put as much effort into that class as you have put into worrying about it.
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    Many of the top colleges only accept around 50% of the valedictorians. That means that ECs matter, A LOT. My point is, don't do anything if it's done solely to get into a top college. Do what you want to do, and it usually works out better.
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    I hope you realize that college is far different from high school. I know many people, including my own brother, who did well in high school, got into a good college, but didn't do well in college and can't find decent jobs after graduating. So its not the end of the world if you don't get into the college of your choice.
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    Okay well listen up, im a junior now and i wish i figured out what i was thinking of attempting. Now for what i want to be its gonna take massive work, math past cal. and physics and chem. I wish i had actually taken chemistry on my junior year to get it out of the way. while u seem to beable to handle your self with the stress of the AP's and honors classes im sure you will beable to fine in chem. now its up to you if you want to try to go for it, colleges don't care what year u take it, heck even if u didn't take it doesn't matter to much. just work it into what you want to do each year and you should be fine. and what ever you didn't get around to take do in college. or go to college part time with high school! if you want to do something and u know you can then you shall be fine.

    Also go to a 2nd hand store or online somewhere and buy a chemistry book and study it up while ur out of school... I know who wants to study during summer (:yuck:)but it will make it a lot more easier durning class and less stressfull sinces then you will understand what they are saying and maybe you will get an A++ in that class.

    Good Lucky and may the force be with you.:approve:
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