Will Religion never end?

  1. Two things you can't compute: Unconciousness, and eternity - both which death is about.
    We live in a daily life where conciousness and time is both a part of our daily life, and the conciousness combined with the time can make us think about past, present and future.
    The brain has replaced the nothingness with religion, to fill out the error of unconciousness and eternity. Death could be the same as 0/0. We can't compute it, but if we replace it with saying that "= 0" we have substituted for the gap. Funny how the brain works isn't it? But do you think it's possible if Science prove god wrong, that the religion stops? Or will people keep trying to fill the gab of death, or will they build up another theory around something new, to fill out that we will no more exist? My brain has a hard time obviously computing how death would be like, because the brain doesn't compute time, or conciousness when it's dead.
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