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Will someone tell me about that crater?

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    At the northern tip of South America there appears to be a gigantic circular 'crater' dating back millions of years that is only visible from satellite images.

    How old? what is it? Its effect?
    Any info please.

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    That supposed impact crater is mostly beneath the sea but also appears on land. If it were somewhere else I might accept it as an impact crater, but due to it's geographic location it simply cannot be the remnant of an impact.
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    What's the problem? 63 million years of sedimentation and tectonics is more than enough to build complete mountains on top of it, burying it completely.
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    Yeah thats right, 60 million years of sedimentation to cover it and 60 milliion years of tectonic motion to break it up. The crater lies on a collision boundary so tectonics should have broken it up not preserved it. It should be severely mis-shapen after all that time.
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    Actually, from what I can see, it is quite a distance from the nearest boundary, and outside of the regions of recent tectonic deformation.


    http://www.huttoncommentaries.com/Other/Latinia/SAm_P&A750.jpg [Broken]
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