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Will the atmosphere run out of CO2?

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    I watched a program on some public broadcast channel where a professor from a university detailed the possible ends of the earth.

    One of them (from what I recall) had to do with lowering CO2 levels in the distant future. The lack of CO2 would eventually kill off all plant life.

    I tried searching the internet for a more detailed explanation but I couldn't find much as most searches turned up global warming pages. Does anybody know about the fate of Earth's atmosphere?
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    Based on the discussion of global warming these days, it would seem that there is an abundance of CO2.

    What is the argument for the loss of CO2?
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    That's what I'm wondering: what is the reason behind it?

    Obviously in the short term CO2 levels are rising, however I am talking tens or hundreds of millions of years into the future.
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    Well didn't the program say why? Its a little hard for us to read the minds of the guys who wrote the show...

    In any case, there is no reason I can think of why the earth would run out of CO2.
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    Yes there have been theories about that. My guess is that all the carbon would eventually would dissapear into the earth crust either as fossil remains of life (peat - coal) or as limestone due to chemical rock weathering.

    Some of that carbon returns as magma heats up limestone and decomposes it into CaO and CO2 emitted by volcanoes but that's only a small part.

    The only possiblitly to recycle the fossile carbon is human activity: mining and oil drilling.

    So in the end those horrible oil companies are saving the world from becoming a barren lifeless desert.
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    Don't Mars and Venus have plenty of CO2?
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    Yes, the atmospheres of Venus & Mars are mostly comprised of CO2 (over 90% for both I think). Venus' atmosphere is incredibly thick whereas Mars' is very thin.
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    The reason I'm posting here is because I don't remember why.

    I thought it might be a common scenario that people know about. I'll see if I can catch the show again. I think they replay it once in a while.
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